Christy mack Masturbator toy


Christy Mack fleshlight girls are now available at our online sex toy store to let your preferred porn star come to life right on your genital organ.

This mouthwateringly wayward toy features a strong sleeve copying the custom molds of Christy’s warm private parts. With the click of a button, you can call her into your bed and let you have a new life with her during your solo masturbation sessions.

The masturbator is obtainable in two orifices namely lady and butt to give you desired pleasure.

With each push, the dots and bumps on the surface inside of the toy hold your straight penis with a whole-hearted feeling that copycats real sensations.

The inner wall of the sleeve is stretchy and is made up of phthalate-free patented super skin that copies the flexibility and touch of actual skin.

It automatically warms up to match your body temperature, or you can do it with the help of warm water.

With your classy silicone sex toys, we recommend using abundant amounts of water-based lube to ensure your comfort during the strong sex ride.

Do not forget to wash your sex toys with toy cleaner for a long-lasting life of it. Refresh the agility of your pleasure toy with a fresh coating of refreshing powder.


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